Increasing Twitter Engagement
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Increasing Twitter Engagement

Regarding Twitter marketing, engagement is everything. Your Twitter followers are one which helps to make (or break) your Twitter marketing efforts. And the biggest problem you are going to ever encounter in social media marketing is achieving the perfect engagement level. For instance, engagement is very helpful regarding:

•    Becoming more effective in business and marketing

•    Increase brand visibility

•    Reach out to a bigger audience

•    Word of mouth marketing

Most of all, engagement is the only thing section which is easily judged and gauged for the productivity of the present social media marketing preparation.

Therefore, how can you improve engagement on social media such as Twitter?

Well, listed below are the top 5 methods to increase Twitter engagement.

1. Tweeting at the best time

This is very clear and obvious for most people. Tweeting at the best time will make sure that you will reach your potential target audience (or followers in this case).

Based on surveys and reports, you are probably able to achieve up to 30% more audience if you are tweeting at the best time compared to some people who don't.

This makes sense since the majority of the tweets survive just a mere 8-10 seconds (or less) on your Twitter timeline.

Therefore, what are the results if you have an audience from different countries all over the world?

You may either make use of Twitter management tools to get in touch with them at the most favorable time or simply re-tweeting similar content within the best time zones. With today’s technological innovation, scheduling tweets to be shared and published during the chosen time is very less difficult when compared with years before.

Bearing in mind particularly for the time zone is essential to make sure that you are reaching out to the largest and many audiences in your follower group.

2. Twist the kinds of tweets you might be publishing

Are you solely tweeting random status? For beginners, it is advisable to start using various kinds of tweets to gain attraction from your followers.

Those attractions will increase your Twitter engagement and even bring a lot more benefits in the future.

An easy tweet that consists of various words, a web link, and a photo-generated 22 reshares and 17 likes.

In case you are wondering, this makes sense.

Let’s visualize the following:

Your Twitter feed could be filled with many hundred words. In most cases, it felt like a wall of text and the single solution to complete reading through everything is by skimming through post after post.

But what occurs whenever you see a post with a photo?

You are more willing to stop and read the post. If the post is nice, you most likely even will reshare it with your target audience.

Therefore, this is the specific direction and actions that many people are going to take when we see a photo on Twitter.

Does this make all the sense in the case of growing Twitter engagement?

3. Hashtags will improve your Twitter engagement level

Have you ever wonder if hashtags can bring you many benefits in Twitter marketing?

Hashtags can double your engagement rate and this means that you can increase your visibility on Twitter by miles ahead of your competitors.

Therefore, anytime you are trying to publish or post a tweet, make sure you include some hashtags to understand the real power of it. Obviously, do not include a lot of hashtags as research had proven that posts with more than 2 hashtags encounter a massive 17% decrease in engagement.

Easy methods to discover ‘profitable’ hashtags to increase your Twitter engagement level twice?

Using tools works, we highly recommend using Hashtagify.

Hashtagify will enable you to find trending and popular hashtags that cannot directly affect your engagement level. Besides, there are many alternatives such as Basic Mode, Advance Mode, and Table Mode to further help you regarding siphoning the data.

In regards to hashtag marketing and planning, it is important never to use hashtags that are too populated or trending. The reason being your post can easily be covered up by the many hundreds of other posts that are making use of the same hashtag.

4. Constantly, constantly incorporate links in your tweets

We do that most times. Well, who doesn’t right?

You may still find other people who do not make use of links in their tweets. And make zero error with this. Links can easily drive engagement (and a lot of wanted visitors) back to your site.

As reported by Salesforce, 92% of all Twitter relationship occurs when the viewers click on the links. The study proved that tweets with links get more re-tweets compared to the ones that don't have links.

Concerning having links in the tweets, it is not necessary to include a link in every single post you publish. Instead, you may need to incorporate a healthy amount in your general technique. Never forget that stability is the key to becoming successful.

In case you are wondering, we advise somewhere between 60 to 80% of your tweets to have at least a link in them.

5. Make use of powerful call to actions (CTA) in tweets

Making use of the proper call to action is more than just necessary. Any time you publish a tweet, your main target is usually to have your audience to engage with you. For beginners, your followers aren’t going to react to your tweets if they are not notified to do it.

This is the reason why one of the greatest (and easiest) call to action which you can use is to ask for a re-tweet. For instance, you may end your tweet with:

• Please share

• Please re-tweet

• Re-tweet if you find useful

However, feel free to modify or make use of keyword phrases that you are most confident with.

If you would like your followers to engage with your tweets, it is advisable to have a call to action (CTA) which resonates with them. Listed below are many ‘other’ and indirect call to actions you can make use of in your tweets:

• How to …

• Help …

• Follow …

You might disagree that the above are not fully call to actions, but make no mistakes as when these kinds of words are being used in tweets, they react almost immediately with your followers.


In summary, making your followers engaged with you on Twitter is very necessary for your marketing success. To be able to gain an appropriate Twitter engagement stage, all the above methods will truly increase your Twitter engagement.

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